Visiting Santa Barbara – Marche

Santa Barbara Marche: “here we live and work in order to best characterize autochthonous grape varieties such as verdicchio and montepulciano. we also have “fun” in creating blends with international grape varieties such as cabernet-sauvignon, merlot and syrah. it is a neverending activity, which allows us to always and continuously learn something new. each harvest is an important examination of our grapes and also of our lands. none of us has an innate knowledge of wine. we have had to learn how to do it. and we have learnt something every day. little by little we have learnt joy at last. today we breathe it in every corner of the winery. we demand value, we seek it as if we made a deal, and pursue the perfect bottle for those friends who will surely appreciate our commitment and the qualities of our wine.”